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Home Care Service vs Care Home – what’s the difference?

On the official site of the city of Southampton you can see the reassurance that „Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries.” However, this statement is soon followed by the disclaimer, that the places will be distributed depending on the current situation of the potential resident. That means that it is possible your older family member needing care will find no place in public care home. That’s where the private services come into play.

Southampton has two options for the elders and their caretakers: residential care homes, and home care services.

Which one is better?

It’s a hard question, and the best answer is: it depends. On the senior, their caretaker, their income and ability to care and be the one cared for.

home care southampton

Care homes are where the care is provided 24/7, and senior will have people around themselves at all times, so the chances of loneliness are rather small. Workers of the nursing homes are all trained professionals and usually there’s at least one nurse and/or doctor on site at all times, ready to help in emergency.


However, the cost of stay in such a place is high, and not all families can afford it. Additionally, those homes are scarce and oftentimes localized in places which will take a long time to get to from the family’s own house, adding the cost of travel to every smallest visit to the senior. Finally, such move might negatively affect patient’s well-being, a move from the house they spend most of their lives into a new environment being a stressful and tiring event for them.


Alternative to the nursing home is a home care in Southampton. It’s a service provided at your own home – which eliminates both stress factor for your senior, and costs of travel for your budget. It can be tailored to your needs; if you only need someone to take care of few daily tasks like shopping for the senior, this will be what the carer will do. If your senior needs a 24/7 surveillance, that also can be provided by the home care. If your loved one lives separately from you and is worried about sleeping alone, and you cannot stay the night with them, a person to spend the night instead also can be arranged.

Home Care Service Southampton

Additionally, because of the tailoring of the offer to the client’s needs, the price is also adjusted to cover exactly the amount of services that are provided, and nothing more. You won’t have to pay for the pool that your beloved family member won’t be able to use, just because it is in the same building as them, that’s for sure.

Home Care southampton

Additional advantage of the home care Southampton is that you can take respite from taking care of the senior, without feeling like you’re abandoning them, and making them feel as if they were abandoned. The professional providing home care will simply join the household, as the help to the official carer and another friendly shoulder to lean on to the senior.

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