A word about Respite Care , and providing care in Winchester

Just few years ago, the general belief about caring for people was that it is a job only if you’re caring for strangers. Thankfully, this misconception is slowly being pushed out, as more and more studies show that there’s no difference in pressure on the carer depending on their relation to the person they look after.

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Taking care of people, especially elderly, is a long-term, hard, responsible, and oftentimes stressful job. Its’ natural consequence is exhaustion, irritation, and a lot of other negative signs we affiliate with chronic stress. Even when we’re taking care of our beloved family members, and that absolutely doesn’t mean we don’t love them, or that we’re ungrateful! It’s just simple reaction of the body to extended period of exertion, and there’s nothing to feel guilty about that. However, it might cause unwanted consequences, both to carer – who will be more susceptible to all effects of chronic stress, like insomnia – as well as the cared one, because in time, as the carer slowly runs out of steam, the quality of care they can provide also lower.
It’s usually the final red flag, a message from the body, the unspoken ‘you need a break’.
And that’s where respite care comes in..

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Enough amount of sleep, correct diet and daily physical activity – those are three pillars of a healthy lifestyle for a person of any age, but they grow even more important as the numbers in the age metric increase. With correct diet we can postpone the time we will start depending on the pills to keep our digestive system working, with physical activity we extend the time we stay independent, or minimize the areas in which we will need help. And getting proper amount and quality of sleep is where we allow the body to regenerate, extending its’ longevity. However, it’s not only the length of the sleep, but also its’ quality that’s important to take into consideration. That’s why night care services exist.

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Fitting like a glove or adjusting home care service

In terms of services responsible for providing the proper support to the elderly, the home care is definitely most flexible of the choices caretakers and seniors can select. Whether performed at day or at night, for long or short period of time, intense or basic, variation on the home care services’ traits definitely outnumbers possibilities of retirement homes. That means, you can fit them to your and your family members’ needs as you see fit.

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Live-in home care service – what, why, when.

Home care services are often put as an alternative to a nursing homes, only without the stress of the changing the surroundings of the patient, or lack of flexibility in the services offered. However, there’s a possibility your beloved family member will end up needing the care that resident homes provide, but at the same time, will continue to be strongly opposed to the idea of moving there. That’s why home care service providers created the live-in home care service.

What is that?

Like any home care service, live-in care is a service where the provided carer comes to the senior house to provide him with support, from daily tasks to temporary help in case of emergency. The difference from personal care service, for example, is that the live-in care is spread over the 24 hour time period, meaning the carer is near their charge every day and every night, seven days a week. It’s a more advanced type of home care, and yet, still better solution costs-wise, compared to the nursing home.

When is the carer coming in?

That’s one of the problems that disappear with a live-in home care – the carer is on site at almost all times. That means you do not have to wait for a carer stuck in the traffic to leave for your train, or to get to that important meeting at work, or to just simply leave house.

Of course, a lot of people have qualms about letting a stranger live in their house. The solution to that is actually also pretty simple- you will be matched with the carer based not only on the needs of the senior, but also your level of comfort around that person. That’s why live-in services, like live-in home care Portsmouth, will first allow you to meet the potential carer, and gauge whether your characters are compatible. It’s important to take that into consideration, because just like with regular housemates, if the characters of the people don’t fit, creating comfortable environment is impossible. And usually, people choose live-in home care specifically because they don’t want their beloved relatives change the surroundings that are comfortable for them, right?

Why is the Live-in home care for me?

You were pondering on getting help in taking care of your relative for a long time now, but none of the offers of regular home care seemed attractive to you. You had to choose – day or night, and you’re not even sure when you will need the help. The short term respite care looked nice for a vacation, but you want a constant, regular presence of a carer in your life.

Just when you think there’s nothing like that on the market, you stumble into the offer of home care Portsmouth. That’s where you learn about the existence of service known as a live-in home care.

A lot of people are like that, and more and more people get convinced by the service’s many advantages.

Live-in home care is adjustable – over 24 hours of a day, and that means that it doesn’t matter that today you only needed help at night and tomorrow you will need help in the afternoon – both of those fit in the schedule of the service.

It is also safe. Aforementioned match up with the carer is only a first step. Home care service providers like Neva care are in constant contact with their clients and carers, making sure that both sides are pleased with agreement, and that the compatibility match was a success. You are not left alone after signing an agreement, and neither is your senior. Caretakers providing a live-in care services are empathetic and responsible, so the house damage caused by letting them in is nonexistent.

Finally, it’s beneficial for you and your relative. With additional friendly face in your lives, the spectrum of your relationships widen, and the burden of the care is shared, making it possible to pursue new experiences, or not to resign from those you previously thought impossible to continue with a responsibility of a main caretaker of a senior.