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Night Care

Night Care

You may find out you need night-time care, if you or someone close to you feels uncomfortable while alone at night. One-to-one night care from one of our trained carers means someone is there to assist you with easing the anxiety, administering medication, changing position in bed, or simply there for comfort of another person nearby.

Night Care from Neva Care offers you assistance throughout the night to make sure you feel secure and rest properly.

Night Care

Home care doesn’t stop at the end of the day.If that’s what you need, our carers will be there for you at night, providing reassurance and helping you gain a restful sleep.

We Can Help

Whether you need someone to provide full night time care or to sleep in your home with you, Neva Care can help. Night Care services we offer are available in variety of options, depending on the needs of person under our care.

Don’t lose sleep

Don’t let your worry keep you awake at night, because of the feeling of vulnerability. Neva Care believes that you should be able to choose to remain at home and still receive care throughout the night. Because of that, we will always be there to support and reassure you.

Night Care Assistants

Our night care assistants are awake, alert and making certain our client is sleeping and resting, safe, sound and secure, throughout all of the night.

Night Care

Night care home service is available for short or long periods of time. If you are recovering from a hospital stay or an accident, night care provides your family respite and lets them gain some much-needed rest. This way, you can stay at home, and still receive care without guilt of burdening anyone at night.

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Don’t lose sleep worrying about who will look after you at night when you feel most vulnerable. We’re here to make sure you will feel safe and have a restful, sound sleep, with no night anxiety disturbing it ever again.