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Home Care in Southampton

1. Home care for the sick and elderly. What is it?

By Neva Care Service

With a raise of people’s longevity, number of elderly also grew exponentially, with over twelve millions of people aged 65 or more living in the UK in 2019. Although they are our beloved family members, for whom we want to provide the best kind of care, it is sometimes just impossible to be by their sides at all times. That’s why a home care is there, as one of the best solutions to the problem.

What is a home care?

It is a service provided by experienced carers, who visit your dear elderly and – you guessed it – provide care. From help in shopping or helping with daily tasks, to just simply spending time with them to protect member of your family from the loneliness while you’re away, home care takes many different forms, all tailored to the needs of the patient. And if that wasn’t enough, all of this happens without the change of the senior’s environment – no stressful moves, no getting used to the new surroundings in the nursing home, no remembering all the new faces around them instead of their family. All of it happens at home, the same home where elderly spend most of his or hers’ life, with minimal changes to their lifestyle – and all of them for the better.

home care southampton

Why home care might be for you

Let us see it through an example.

You live on the outskirts of Southampton with your elderly mother, working and caring for her. Her health and well-being in general is good, but from time to time her memory diminishes, and her legs don’t serve her like they used to. She just needs a bit more attention and care, but those are things you cannot give her, not while you’re at work. You can put her in one of the Southampton’s residential nursing homes… only they are located near the centre, or on the opposing end of the city. Visiting your mother in the rush hour will become an hour-or-more long drive you cannot afford every day. You don’t want to separate from her, but she cannot be left without anybody to look after her, that’s inviting an accident to happen…

That’s where the home care comes in.

Whether you live on the outskirts or in the centre of Southampton, it doesn’t matter. The home carer will find a way to the farthest houses, or apartments in the tallest buildings, and will provide your senior with all the care he or she needs, whether it is assistance a few hours a day, a night watch, or 24/7 support.

You can also decide what is the right type of care for your family member. Does he or she just needs somebody to be there for them? Make a shopping run for them? Chat for a while, and remind them to take their medicine? In that case, just a few hours a day home care will be enough.

However, if your senior barely walks, forgets more and more things, has trouble with eating or bathing by themselves, and everyday, you fear the time you will have to leave for work, or even a short grocery run with them left alone at home, the best solution would be a live-in, 24/7 home carer service. He or she won’t leave your senior alone, will keep watch while you’re away, and can assist you in caring for your beloved family member while you’re next to them.

If you don’t want to separate with your senior, or don’t want to expose them to a stress that would be connected with a move to residential nursing home, then home care is for you. Unsure whether you are able to choose the best type of service, the one fit for your family member? It’s okay, providers like Neva Care are there for you to ask, discuss, consult, and finally test waters.

Home Care in Southampton

This way, you can find a perfect service for your beloved. Whether it is a temporary caretaker for the time you’re away from home, a person to spend the night with the senior, or a helping hand available round-the-clock, all of those are services that are commonly called a home care. Their aim is simple: help you provide the best type of care possible for your family member, without replacing their actual home for a room in the nursery „home”.

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