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Enough amount of sleep, correct diet and daily physical activity – those are three pillars of a healthy lifestyle for a person of any age, but they grow even more important as the numbers in the age metric increase. With correct diet we can postpone the time we will start depending on the pills to keep our digestive system working, with physical activity we extend the time we stay independent, or minimize the areas in which we will need help. And getting proper amount and quality of sleep is where we allow the body to regenerate, extending its’ longevity. However, it’s not only the length of the sleep, but also its’ quality that’s important to take into consideration. That’s why night care services exist.

Night care service and your sleep

Night care is a type of home care service, where the carer visits in the evening and stays the night. You might find it strange that there’s a service that makes a stranger stay with you at night, the time where we’re the most vulnerable, but that is actually what this service is about. It solves a lot of problems that might arise at night, from the night anxiety, to the inability to get into right position alone, to the simple fact that the senior wakes up tired and you need someone to check on them at night and see whether they actually get proper sleep or are plagued by the nightmares

Why it is useful?
The first reason is improvement in the sleep quality.
Of course, there are medications that could solve any of the previously aforementioned problems, like anxiety and insomnia, but there are two reasons why night care service is a better choice.

One, stress and sleep medications don’t make the problem disappear, they only cover it up. Anxiety is still there, reason of insomnia is also here, they’re just invisible, because their signs are hidden by the pills. Also, medications with soothing qualities usually have side-effects – sluggishness during the day, problems with concentration, addictive quality where senior won’t be able to even try and go to sleep without them… there’s a lot more, and all of those definitely keep your beloved family member away from the proper, regenerative sleep.

Second, pills usually are addition to an already big assortment of medicines your senior has to take to keep in a good health. Do you really want to add another pill, another dose of chemical syrup, that their body will be forced to digest? Getting to the bottom of the problem is better choice, and usually, that’s what a night care service does.

How does it work?

For example, New Forest night care.

The close proximity of the national park makes it hard to believe it’s the surroundings that make your senior have problems with sleep, but that’s actually a fact. The night time is when the senior feels left alone and vulnerable, it’s when the instinctual fear of darkness we felt in our childhood comes back and keeps us up with the darkest thoughts, and proximity of nature but lack of another human being makes it feel like we’re alone in an unfriendly world…

Enter New Forest night care service worker. Those people are compassionate, patient, and usually easy to talk to. Just their presence nearby lets the senior know they’re not alone. Fear of the darkness? No problem – the carer will just turn on light in a nearby room, so that the light didn’t disrupt production of a sleep hormone in the body (that’s rather common ailment for the elderly), but it was present, reassuring even the irrational fear of darkness. Problem with changing position at night? They are also capable of helping with that.

Okay, but you’re still unsure if you want a stranger in your beloved family member’s house at night. There’s a solution to that, as well – providers like Neva Care organize meetings between potential night care service workers, and you, their employer, so that you can decide whether the carer is suitable for the needs of your family member or not. You don’t get a cat in the bag, only a person with a face and a name to go with it.

Safe and sound, just like what your senior’s sleep will become like.

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