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Companionship Care

Companionship Care

Companionship care is a vital component for seniors to feel socially connected and studies indicate that companionship enhances physical and mental health. One of our care workers Neva Care can visit you or offer support and add a vital human element to your day. They will become a trusted, friendly face. We want to provide someone to share your interests with, while offering companionship.

We offer a number of services, which help keep a senior actively engaged while living at home. The care plan is uniquely personalized for your loved one.

Companionship Care

Neva Care Services provides carefully selected, trustworthy companions for your beloved family member; a friend they can talk to about current or past events, have lunch with, go shopping with, or accompany on a walk.

Full support

It’s good to have someone to ask…
As well as offering companionship, your care and support worker is willing and able to help. They will offer companionship whilst helping you master the difficulties of modern life

Companionship Services

Companion care is perfect for such adults who would want to enjoy their independence at home with a friendly, compassionate companion who regularly visits to sit, chat, and reminisce.

Home care services

Neva Care is here to provide a helping hand when it’s needed most. Our compassionate team addresses the essential home care and companionship needs of your loved ones, keeping them happy, active and engaged.

Companion Care Benefits

Whether you live in Hampshire or across the world, you can rest assured knowing your loved one has a someone taking caring of them in the best way possible. Typical activities that Neva Care Services clients enjoy with companionship include:

  • Shopping for food, clothes or other items
  • Company and transport for doctor and hospital appointments.
  • Meal preparation to help ensure nutrition needs are met
  • Outdoor activities like going for a walk and gardening for fitness

What is Companion Care?

Companionship care is usually a less intensive, non-medical service often including activities like driving to an appointment, playing cards, going on walks, visiting family and friends, and anything that keeps the patient busy and enjoying life. Many seniors living at home alone need companionship and mental stimulation, but not necessarily hands-on care.