A word about Respite Care , and providing care in Winchester

Just few years ago, the general belief about caring for people was that it is a job only if you’re caring for strangers. Thankfully, this misconception is slowly being pushed out, as more and more studies show that there’s no difference in pressure on the carer depending on their relation to the person they look after.

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Taking care of people, especially elderly, is a long-term, hard, responsible, and oftentimes stressful job. Its’ natural consequence is exhaustion, irritation, and a lot of other negative signs we affiliate with chronic stress. Even when we’re taking care of our beloved family members, and that absolutely doesn’t mean we don’t love them, or that we’re ungrateful! It’s just simple reaction of the body to extended period of exertion, and there’s nothing to feel guilty about that. However, it might cause unwanted consequences, both to carer – who will be more susceptible to all effects of chronic stress, like insomnia – as well as the cared one, because in time, as the carer slowly runs out of steam, the quality of care they can provide also lower.
It’s usually the final red flag, a message from the body, the unspoken ‘you need a break’.
And that’s where respite care comes in..

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